Deb & Doug

“I may not be your first date, your first kiss or your first love.  I just want to be your last EVERYTHING.”

The {fake} palm trees swayed in the breeze, the {painted} pineapples adorned tables as decor, and the {beach} wedding cake was made by his teenage granddaughter with so much love.  This was a beach wedding at a lake in Alberta.  Yes, we do have some bodies of water that are large enough to claim lake status.

The day was perfect for Deb and Doug’s garden ceremony at their cabin in  central Alberta.  Blue sky, sunshine and a crowd of family and friends surrounding them as they committed to one another.  Their children and grandchildren looked on with pride and love as grandpa and grandma made it official and then, got to the best part – the party!  There’s just something about second marriages with a mature couple – the calm, the confidence and the knowledge that this time, you’ve gone into it as the REAL you – and with your eyes wide open….except when you kiss.