“Ok – I didn’t have any comprehension that something could make me feel more so that Lochlyn is my son…your pictures actually did that for me.  I am over the  moon with them – I can’t thank you enough. The look on my face is probably the only thing that could sell how happy I am!”

Text from Ry G – upon seeing his family photos for the first time.


When I first met Kate and Ryan, I was hobbling around on a broken ankle – in fact, that’s how I did their engagement session.  I like to say, they were so impressed with my skills on one foot, they hired me to be their wedding photographer – or maybe…they just felt sorry for me.

Either way, I have been around for all their significant life moments…and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks Katie and Ryan – and now, Lochlyn – you’ve made this an amazing journey so far and I look forward to the rest of the ride!