This Page Is About Me


Hi!  Welcome to my website.  I’m a wedding and family photographer based in both Alberta and British Columbia.  With a residence in a small rural community just outside of Edmonton and another one at Sun Peaks Resort, (near Kamloops, BC) I span two provinces!  This means, if you’re booking your wedding in Sun Peaks Resort, you don’t pay travel or accommodations fees to book with me there – because I’m local.  And, of course, I can and will travel anywhere – to the destination of your choice – to capture your photography session.

I’m just going to put this out there; the most difficult thing to do, is write about yourself.   You know, talk about the cool and quirky (and we all have lots of quirky) little facts about ourselves. But, since I’m a writer as well as a photographer, I will try to eek out a few words to give you an idea what you can expect if you decide to invest your time with me.  I’ll let you decide what’s cool and what’s quirky – it’s a matter of taste.


First – the important stuff -information you really should know: I’m paranoid about keeping your images safe and I have a number of steps I use in order to make sure all my bases are covered. All images are saved to external hard-drives, never my computer and I don’t delete your images from the data cards until I have delivered the final product to you. Finally, I use an off-site (secure/encrypted) cloud-based file back-up service. Safe-keeping of your memories is a big deal for me, and it should be for you, too.  This is really important stuff you should ask of any photographer.

Now, the fun stuff – I am a very energetic mother of three adult children, wife of one (slightly) mature husband and proud grandmother to eight adorable grandkids – two boys and six little girls. In fact, the babies are the reason I started taking my photography to the next level, and they are the reason that I continue to hone my craft. Because, as I have learned, when you start buying gifts and spoiling that many grandkids, you actually NEED more income. All kidding aside, I got started with lots of sessions with my own family and that’s when the spark turned to a flame. I have it on good authority that I light up when I talk about photography  – I really do love creating beautiful images and I think my galleries (and clients) speak to that.

I love light. I chase light. I can’t see beautiful light without wanting someone to stand in it…and just stay there until I get my camera.  As a natural light photographer, I specialize in capturing the true emotion of you and your family in lifestyle-documentary sessions.   The same goes for your wedding.

Of course, you want to remember how you looked, but more importantly, you want to remember how you FELT – your images should convey that. I work hard to be at the right place at the right time and capture your feelings in photos. But I’m not just saying this – my clients say it best for me.

“We asked Nancy to photograph us because we trust her.  Her unique ability to capture heartfelt moments is priceless. When we got our photos it was the real ‘Johnson family’ moments we saw and still talk about…our then five-year old’s crinkle-nose smile and twinkle in her eye. Our seven-year-old’s silly, yet wise beyond her years look and of course, the joy we felt (and showed) in the throes of our annual family leaf fight.  Nancy’s photos capture moments in time that we want to remember for many years beyond.”                                                                    The Johnson Family

You will find more testimonials as you enjoy browsing my galleries with images of the great families and individuals I have had the opportunity to photograph. I am based in Hay Lakes, Alberta, just outside of Edmonton and have a second home at Sun Peaks Resort, near Kamloops, BC.  I serve clients in all parts of Canada and the world and I am willing to travel anywhere to capture your memories!

If you’re interested in booking a session, or just want to talk about what’s quirky and what’s cool, call me at 780-222-7690 or email me at  You can also find me on Facebook at Nancy Critchley Photography and follow me in Instagram – @nancycritchleyphoto.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS – if you’re interested in booking a session and want more details on my packages, head over to my investment page!