This Page Is About Me


Hi!  Welcome to my website.  I’m a professional photographer based in both Alberta and British Columbia.  With a residence in the small city of Leduc,  just outside of Edmonton and another one at Sun Peaks Resort, (near Kamloops, BC) I span two provinces.

I’m just going to put this out there; the most difficult thing to do, is write about yourself.   You know, talk about the cool and quirky (and we all have lots of quirky) little facts about ourselves.  I’ll let you decide what’s cool and what’s quirky – it’s a matter of taste.

I am an energetic mother of three adult children, wife of one (slightly) mature husband and proud grandmother to eight grandkids.  I was a communications professional and my last corporate comms position was as Communications Director for United Way of the Alberta Capital Region.  I retired from that position in 2016 to embark on full time photography.

I have been a professional photographer for nearly 15 years with extensive experience in editorial, corporate headshots, advertising and event. I used to be a wedding photographer, but have recently shifted my focus to corporate, retiring from weddings in the summer of 2023.