The Party Crasher

I wasn’t invited to this baby’s first birthday party.  Nope.  I just crashed.  A little scheme I cooked up with Auntie Jess and Grandma Cindy about a month ago  – and it worked out to be the BEST surprise for Katie and Ryan.

I have all the feels for this little family.  We go back to the chilly January day in 2014 when I had a broken ankle and they arrived in Sun Peaks so I could photograph their engagement session – a Christmas gift from sister Jess.  From there, I photographed their wedding, their maternity session and then a family session when sweet baby Lochlyn was four months old.

Yesterday (January 7, 2017) their baby boy celebrated his first birthday – and they had a party – and I snuck in with the rest of the many, many guests!  I really wish I had been ready to take a photo of Ryan’s face when he saw me open the door from the room where I was getting my gear ready.  Neither he nor Katie had any idea I was going to be there, so the look and the hugs were priceless.

The only sad part of the day was that because of road conditions from Edmonton to Kamloops, the rest of Lochlyn’s family couldn’t be there.  I hope these images and this little blog post help Cindy, Murray, Jess, Kevin, Olin and Nash live a little bit of the day.  You were missed!